The aforementioned places remain distant from the traditional Sicilian tourist circuits - this is often an advantage - but they have nothing to envy to the most famous places on the island. Not surprisingly, all these municipalities have been included in the tour program in the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Gangi, surrounded by hills of an intense green, he was awarded the title Jewel of Italy and is a country whose ways you can breathe again looked totally medieval. The geological, historical and cultural heritage of the village is important: the ancient Mother Church it houses frescoes and paintings by local masters and valuable sculptures.

After admiring the architecture, art and nature, we also satisfy the stomach. If you pass through these parts, it is impossible not to taste the delicious spoon, a shortcrust pastry made with almonds, dried figs and raisins. Tradition has it that it is consumed at Christmas, but it is possible to taste it all year round.

The Madonie are also famous for the local provola; in Gangi the local company Barreca is famous.


Sperlinga is located halfway between the two parks - Nebrodi and Madonie - and its main attraction is the rock castle entirely carved into the rock . Internally, stables, prisons, places of worship and rooms dedicated to the blacksmith can be visited. Not far away is the rupestrian village , inhabited until the middle of the last century and today entirely open to visitors with many houses used as museums of peasant civilization.

Geraci Siculo

Here we are in another medieval treasure . Geraci Siculo is located in the heart of the Madonie, on a relief nestled between vegetation and rocks, far from the present time. Its narrow and winding streets lead to the Ventimiglia Castle, a ruined military building overlooking a splendid landscape .

The center of the village is still dotted with medieval buildings, many of which are in good condition. Visiting what remains of the castle, one cannot fail to visit the small church of Sant'Anna and the nearby Bevaio della Santissima Trinità . In Geraci there is a lot to visit and experience, before leaving for an excursion to theMassif of the Madonie.

Visiting the park we pass through Marcato Cixé (1420 meters above sea level); a complex system of sheepfolds, shelters and outbreaks all dedicated to milk processing.


This village has a very important past . At the time of the Bourbons it was in fact a city of considerable importance, born around the castle built on the highest rock in the city . Of the fortress remain today two watchtowers and the imposing bastion of the Norman bridge , with the coat of arms of the population set in the pointed arch of the structure.

On the territory there are caves to testify the existence of an ancient acropolis and you can visit houses and palaces of a distant era but never set in these latitudes. Friezes, statues, capitals, arabesques: the ancient noble palaces are still able to amaze and bewitch thanks to their embellishments . Superb is theCathedral of San Nicola , embellished with rose windows carved and inlaid in stone, columns, coats of arms and arabesques to decorate the facade.

The Gothic-Norman Main Portal , decorated with statues, is not negligible . It can show a fabulous painted wooden ceiling , a precious witness of the Sicilian painting of the fifteenth century.

The typical dessert is called nocattolo and is somewhat reminiscent of Gangi's spoon: it too is made from shortcrust pastry and almonds and is mainly consumed around the Christmas holidays.


South of Cefalù extends one of the most evocative nature reserves of that splendid island that is Sicily, the Madonie park.

This diamond of land set in the Mediterranean, however, also includes another wonderful reserve: the Nebrodi park, a UNESCO geopark thanks to its extraordinary geological characteristics and the very rare plants it gives refuge to.

In these lines we want to deal with these wonderful caskets, telling the treasures of some fairytale villages: Nicosia, Sperlinga, Gangi and Geraci, straddling the provinces of Enna and Palermo.

paesaggi di mezzo

The ColoUrs of the MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES in Italy

The history and the stories of the rare beauty of the villages, marvellous landscapes, ancient traditions, delicious typical dishes and fresh and clean air, a relaxing environment, far away from the noises of the most common classic tourist itineraries. Among the mountains and valleys of the ancient “Trinacria”, right there, in the “Middle Lands”, where Sicani and Siculi people, Greeks and Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and Normans put down their roots which indelibly left traces of their passage.

If we could picture all the earliest dominations which are somehow still present in these villages, as if they were multiple hues on a painter’s palette, we would be surprised to discover and recognize every single shade, in every piece of their authentic architecture, in their traditional dishes or simply in the everyday life that can be found there.

For the most curious travellers the experiences in the shops of the local artisans, the guided tours to the farms and the testing of the most different and typical food certified as “Slow Food presidium”.

Rare experiences that will give you long-lasting memories. Together, we will discover NICOSIA, the “town of the 24 Barons”, the fascinating and old Engyon (today GANGI), and then SPERLINGA with its mysterious “Castle in the rock “and finally GERACI SICULO, a historic village linked to the Ventimiglia’s vicissitudes, one of the most powerful Sicilian houses.

All these villages, share surprising landscapes and a rich and always different biodiversity, contoured by valleys, mountains and hills, huge fields of wheat that combine to the Mediterranean nature and marvellous woods in a patchwork of colours and perfumes that constantly changes following the the seasons.

History, culture and nature for an unforgettable tour!!!

The intention behind this tour is to tell the existing beauty in the areas of Sicily, through stories, experiences and tastings taking place in the most suggestive Sicilian villages. It will be the perfect occasion to discover the economy of these places (a predominantly agricultural economy, such as cereal growing and livestock farming).

During the itinerary stories will be told, about men that were a significant part of the history of these areas and about some of the most important cultural heritage, agro-food excellence certified as “Slow Food presidium”, breath-taking landscapes and endemic natural species will be visited.


Groups want to Know a less famous Sicily, but full enchantingplaces, breathtaking landscapes and a lot of history and culture.


A minimum of 10 people


Booking is possible on request in autumn/winter, spring/summer


Arrival day in Gangi Check-in will be available in the Hotel hallway, welcome cocktail, dinner and overnight stay;

On the first day of the tour: departure for the Borgo di Sperlinga, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy; visit of the medieval Norman castle; transfer to Nicosia, the noble and Franciscan city of the 24 Barons, lunch at a typical restaurant with products of Nicosian gastronomic excellence and guided tour of the City of Nicosia between art, faith and flavors (overview of the city from the Capuchin Hill and visit of the Franciscan complex); return to the Hotel in Gangi, free time, dinner and overnight;

On the second day of the tour: departure for Geraci Siculo and guided tour of the Madonie Park; arrival at “Marcato di Cixè” (seasonal winter shelter for animals), explanation of the historical-cultural value of the place with relative cheese making and / or sheep shearing laboratory, nature walk inside the Madonie Park, among beeches and hollies ; tasting of cheeses and other local food and wine excellences; visit to the village of Geraci Siculo, capital of the Ventimiglia county, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy; visit of the Salto del Ventimiglia, the Castle and the Mother Church; return to the Hotel in Gangi, free time, dinner and overnight;

On the third day of the tour: departure for Vincenzo Barreca’s farm (Slow Food Presidium of Provola delle Madonie); guided tour of the company and its productions; return to Gangi for a guided tour of the Mother Church, the Ventimiglia Tower, Palazzo Sgadari and Palazzo Bongiorno; drum construction workshop with Fabrizio Fazio; check out and departure.

On the fourth day of the tour: Breakfast, check-out and departure.


A boutique Hotel for the entire duration of the tour, full board, outings, welcome, tours and guidance and a bus are included in the booking fee.

The booking fee does NOT INCLUDE the route from the airport and vice versa, the plane tickets, airport taxes and charges.

It is required to book the tour 15 days in advance of the desired date.

Recommended airport of arrival and departure Fontanarossa of Catania, distance Km 122

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