Journey in the Vallone's villages

With this tour you will discover in particular two important "jewels" in the heart of central Sicily, Sutera and Mussomeli.


Experiential Tours to discover the territory and the authentic flavors of Sicily.


Let yourself be surprised by the strong and changing colors of the wheat fields and their unexpected beauty.

The Colours of the most beautiful villages in Italy

History and stories of villages of rare beauty and enchanting landscapes among the mountains and valleys of the ancient Trinacria, in the “Terre di mezzo”.

paesaggi di mezzo


"Paesaggi di Mezzo" was born in 2019 from the impulse of three people who have dealt, in the last twenty years, from a different point of view, with the enhancement and promotion of the many riches of our territory: Ivo as Manager of Legambiente, Fabio as Trustee of the Slow Food Convivium and Alfonso as General Manager in the world of hospitality ... read more
Sicily already rose like a cloud at the bottom of the horizon. Then Etna suddenly lit up with gold and rubies, and the whitish coast was torn here and there in dark breasts and promontories.
"Giovanni Verga"

Cit. da Di là del mare, Novelle rusticane, 1883

paesaggi di mezzo


So many different ways to explore Sicily

paesaggi di mezzo


Our thematic tours are socio-cultural itineraries to get to know Sicily with the aim of society, politics, traditions, art, culture in general.

Tours designed to get as close as possible to the daily and most authentic life of these realities, always following a common thread.

"Sicily is the most beautiful region of Italy: an unprecedented orgy of colors, scents and lights ... A great pleasure."
S. Freud

paesaggi di mezzo

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