paesaggi di mezzo


"Paesaggi di Mezzo" was born in 2019 from the impulse of three people who have dealt, in the last twenty years, from a different point of view, with the enhancement and promotion of the many riches of our territory: Ivo as Manager of Legambiente, Fabio as Trustee of the Slow Food Convivium and Alfonso as General Manager in the world of hospitality.

Paesaggi di Mezzo wants to tell today, better and more than before, what is beautiful in the inland areas of central Sicily; to bring to life the colors, the scents, the food, the sounds, the beauties and the treasures present in the meeting area of ​​the three ancient Sicilian valleys (Val di Mazara, Val di Noto and Val Demone); to introduce less famous places, but full of stories and traditions.

This territory, mainly hilly, is in fact rich in cultural and environmental heritage, all to be discovered and enhanced (archaeological sites, sulfur and salt mining sites, unique naturalistic sites and paths, farms, villages, agro-food companies and wine products gastronomic products of great quality, etc.).

Those who visit the lands of the Middle Landscapes remain fascinated and amazed to discover an interior of Sicily so rich in history, culture and traditions, that PdM will make known in narrative, emotional and experiential terms.

Ivo Cigna
(President and responsible organization)
Alfonso Zagarella (Vice President, Secretary and responsible hospitality)
Fabio Di Francesco (Co-founder and selector of the excellence of food)
Marco Lunetta (Treasurer and logistic support manager)
Grazia Maria Cigna (Manager and co-designer of the experiential packages)
Fabiola Rizza (Manager and technical director of a Travel Agency)
Giovanna Ilardo (Manager and legal manager)
Emanuele Salute (Manager and owner of a company NCC
Marco Torregrossa and Michele Amico (Web designer - Graphic designer - SEO Specialist)
Luisa Mirisola (Advertising Graphics)

Office: Via Rosso di San Secondo n°14/A - 93100 Caltanissetta
Fiscal Code 92071490855
VAT IT02081400851
Phone. +39 339 3591755 - +39 335 6415947
FB and IG: @paesaggidimezzo